Ideas into reality

Have an innovative app idea? We can help with feasibility/business planning, proof of concept for funding,

building your app idea and even commercialisation.

We develops and supports all types of software products.
HUB IT can help you, whether you are new to developing applications or software products or have been doing such projects for some time. We have found that there are two main groups of customers who ask HUB IT to develop software products/applications. For start-ups, we have the in-house expertise to provide everything from feasibility/technical advice to prototyping, business plan development, funding, building a minimum viable product (MVP) and commercialisation. We work with you every step of the way to minimise the risk of commercialisation. Not every app idea will be successful, but with the right approach, we can test the market at a fairly affordable price during the development phase and only develop the idea further if it is well received in the market. Beware of development companies that require you to commit to the entire project upfront.
For established companies, the launch of an application or software product is often part of a wider bespoke software project. For example, you may have built a system to manage employees, providing an application for employees to accept jobs, update job status in real time, and close jobs for billing purposes. You could then add a customer-facing application to create and track jobs and ensure they are accepted by the customer. HUB IT uses the same industry standard technologies and tools to build your business systems and applications. This ensures robustness and interoperability. All HUB IT applications are designed by professional graphic/user experience designers and then handed over to the development team. This results in an attractive and sophisticated application.
Services we can offer
Workshops and Online Tools
"I have an idea but am a little unsure of the details: ......" If so, we can help you to flesh out your idea through online or face-to-face workshops. You will get a good idea of whether your idea is feasible or not.
Requirements Analysis and Design
We work with you to understand your users, what they need to do with your software and what your minimum viable product (MVP) should look like.
Sometimes it is better to have a prototype. Users can provide meaningful feedback at an early stage and it is more exciting than a design document for potential investors.
Business Plan
For an app or product to be profitable, it needs a business plan. This plan defines the idea, team, market/entry point, monetisation model, costs, revenue projections and assumptions.
Technical/Architecture Advice
Is your idea better suited to an online web application or a local application? Does it need to 'talk' to other services or devices? How will it be extended? Do the options offer different costs and benefits?
Build the Idea
We decide everything, based on your ideas, to eliminate as much risk as possible. We can be market-oriented and agile, or, if your requirements are 100% clear, we can provide you with a quotation.
List in Stores
Depending on the technology used, the app may need to be registered with the shop so that people can access it (e.g. Apple App Store, Google Play Store).
Support and Refine
Most apps need some kind of improvement (more feedback, new opportunities) when they are launched into the market. Even after an app is successful, it needs constant improvement to stay one step ahead of the competition.
Our process
One of the keys to HUB IT's success is having the skills in-house to take a plan-driven (waterfall) or feedback-driven (agile) approach to projects. Each approach has its advantages and disadvantages and we can recommend the right one for you.
A combination of waterfall and agile approaches can be used when designing and building your application/idea. If you are interested, please visit our Custom Business Software page for more information. Quotes for initial workshops and pre-build services can also be provided once you have fully understood and agreed with us. Before moving to the design/build phase, we need to assess the maturity of your Minimum Viable Product (MVP) requirements. Maturity in this case refers to the extent to which the requirements are understood and explained upfront.
For many projects with mature, known and changing requirements, MVPs can be fully planned, estimated and built using a waterfall-like approach. Other projects may wish to 'design as they go' and work with a user base. For such projects, a more agile-like approach is implemented, with multiple small iterations, each of which determines the priority of the next project. Regardless of the specific approach, it is important to maintain the discipline of an MVP. Otherwise, you'll waste money and reduce your chances of a successful launch.


Initial workshop

We consider the idea and determine how muchwork is

needed to make it a reality. Does it need market research?

Prototypes? Capital funding? Support for a monetisation


This is an inexpensive way to identify ideas that are not

practical and avoid wasting money. The workshop will

provide you with a clear plan and the (approximate)

costs involved.


Pre-build services

Depending on what emerges from the workshop, we can

help you narrow down the minimum viable product (MVP),

create a design/brand, produce a prototype or raise funds.

After this stage, everything is ready to start development,

the scope of the MVP is known and all prices and timeframes

have been finalised.



The system is migrated to a professional-grade

hosted environment according to the customer's

specifications. In some cases, the system can be

deployed on the customer's in-house servers.

The software is 'live' and you realise the benefits of

the project.



Here are the real benefits of a new system. Our support

plans include extended warranties and user support, as

well as the ability to continually modify and improve

the software to meet changing business needs.

We offer a range of support plans to maximise the return

on investment for your project.

We’d love to work with you
If you are considering a software project and would like to know more about how bespoke software can improve your business, please get in touch with us. We'd love to hear how bespoke software can improve your business.