Business Technology Consulting

HUB IT can assist your business with all forms of consultancy work. We have a range of skills

and offer advice that takes into account business, technology and cost considerations.

We've advised hundreds of clients.
HUB IT works with clients to design software and validate its viability from both a technical and return on investment perspective. We are often involved from the earliest stages of an application project, helping to fine-tune ideas and ensuring the application has a sound monetisation and commercialisation plan. Clients expect HUB IT to be involved in the procurement team and assist in the recruitment of in-house technical resources. Audit technology ventures and platforms and provide expert advice on the value, useful life and total cost of ownership of technology-based intellectual property. They advise on the capability and process maturity of in-house technical teams, work on projects to strengthen in-house capabilities and may provide outsourced resources during peak demand periods.
We have in-house graphic and UI/UX designers who can advise on usability, consistency, branding and responsive web applications. We also assist our clients with the use of technology to establish quality management systems, such as ISO 9001. We are a registered service provider under Section 29A of the Industrial Research and Development Act and can provide specialist R&D work in all areas of software engineering, including assisting accountants with the preparation of tax credit claims. We offer a full range of virtual CTO/CIO services to enable your business to make the right technology decisions based on budget, strategic direction and risk appetite.
Some of the ways our consulting can help you
Software Requirements Analysis and Design
Clarifying and documenting your business requirements will enable you to obtain multiple quotes. Alternatively, you can attend on a stand-alone basis or provide us with a quotation.
Proof of Concept Work
For technically very challenging software, proof of concept is very useful to demonstrate feasibility before starting a full project. Depending on the application, it can also help to raise funds.
Software Audits
If you have software that you want to audit independently, you can investigate its architecture, design, usability, compliance with best practice, security and scalability, and plan future maintenance options and costs.
Graphic and UI/UX Design
Our wholly owned subsidiary Verity Design can advise on brand identity, websites, product packaging, software user experience design and a range of other graphic design services.
Production Environment Design
We analyse your new or existing applications and design an appropriate hosting/server environment, taking into account security, availability, performance and cost constraints. We also have experience in backup design, high availability (HA) and various other cloud technologies.
Application Monitoring
Once in production, web applications need to be constantly monitored for hardware operation and performance, repelling security threats and applying system updates. Our monitoring technology alerts us in real-time, so we can often solve problems before our customers are even aware of them.
Skills Outsourcing
If your internal team lacks competence in analysis, design, development, testing or project management, they can be supplemented by HUB IT staff. If you would like to fill this role internally, we can also help you recruit.
Research and Development
HUB IT is registered under Section 29A of the Industrial Research and Development Act and all work done for customers on eligible projects is called research and development and is eligible for tax credits.
Virtual CTO/CIO
If you need the high-level strategic advice that is usually required of a CTO/CIO, we can provide it. We know your business and are on retainer, so we are available when you need us.
Other Custom Engagements
We are called upon to research and design strategies for our clients on a range of technical business issues. This includes IP assessments, quality management systems and application security enhancements.
We’d love to work with you
If you are considering a software project and would like to know more about how bespoke software can improve your business, please get in touch with us. We'd love to hear how bespoke software can improve your business.