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Why join HUB IT
There are many advantages to joining HUB IT. Firstly, we are a well-established and growing company, established in 2002 and currently employing around 40 people. We contract with clients from a wide variety of industries. Not only does this mean that there is a huge amount of work on offer, but HUB IT has proven to be resilient and offers great job security, even in the midst of a pandemic. All our work is .Net based, but we have maintenance and enhancement projects based on older WebForms technologies, as well as new greenfield projects using the latest technologies such as Angular, Xamarin and Blazor. Our culture is to take pride in our work and managers are there to help, not to micromanage or interfere. We are a company full of self-motivated people who love what they do, feel at home delivering great results for our clients and helping each other to solve difficult problems. Some employees work on one project for a long time, while others work on several projects and enjoy the diversity. Many employees enjoy our career development programme. These programmes allow employees to learn technical skills (Specialist Pathway) and to lead small teams and take ownership of client accounts (Leadership Pathway).
Great open plan office, laptops, contributions to the wellness fund and gym membership, employee assistance programme (free specialist mental health counselling for the whole family), flexible office/home working, fun and rewarding work, many professional development opportunities, recognition and bonus scheme (around 80% of employees receive a bonus every six months), and many other benefits. scheme (approximately 80% of employees receive a bonus every six months), as well as many other employee benefits. In addition, the company recently announced five weeks of annual leave as standard! HUB IT is not for everyone. You must be organised and good at planning your work. You must love your job and take pride in its quality. You must enjoy learning and be able to help your teammates with difficult problems. You must be able to use your own initiative and be flexible in responding to new challenges. Our recruitment process is rigorous and competitive, often involving psychometric, aptitude and technical tests. This allows you to work alongside and learn from top people. If this sounds like a job you'd like to be involved in, we encourage you to apply.
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